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The Council for Clean & Reliable Energy

The Council for Clean & Reliable Energy (CCRE) is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for public dialogue and analysis on subjects related to energy policy. The CCRE was formed by a group of volunteers from universities, public and private sector business leaders, and labour. The CCRE membership has collaborated to broaden the public debate on energy issues via a number of initiatives.

Energy leaders from around the world have been invited by the Council to facilitated conferences focused on sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise to create a better understanding of the challenges and potential solutions to common areas affecting energy in Canada and abroad. To date, the Council has hosted conferences on distributed generation, biomass, coal and nuclear, public sector governance in the electricity sector and the future of local distribution companies. Annually, the CCRE hosts the Energy Leaders Roundtable and the Innovation Technology and Policy Forum. In addition, the Council encourages energy experts to provide reasoned opinions and points of view about significant issues relevant to the sector. These CCRE Commentaries are published, distributed to opinion leaders and made available to the public.

The Council understands the value of creating a broader and more inclusive public discourse. During the last decade, its efforts have been recognized and appreciated by decision-makers in government and the energy business as providing a neutral forum for the free exchange of ideas and opinions. The Council remains committed to continuing to facilitate debate on the generation, transmission and distribution of clean, affordable and reliable energy with a clear focus on finding effective solutions for Canada and abroad.

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Richard Ivey School of Business - The University of Western Ontario Power Workers' Union