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"Supply of electricity is essential to the economic and social well being of countries around the world." - Glen Wright, Chair

A Message from the Chair

A secure supply of energy is essential to the economic and social well being of countries around the world. It lies at the very centre of the global economy and is a critical component of productivity, human development, health education and social development. Today, global warming and the resulting climate change is adding another layer of complexity to the supply and consumption of energy.

The Council for Clean and Reliable Energy was created to promote public debate on energy in a neutral and non partisan forum. To date, conferences have been held on keys issues including coal and carbon sequestration, biomass, distributed generation, nuclear power, public sector governance in the electricity sector, and the future of local distribution companies.

I invite you to review the conference programs, speaker presentations, reports and information on our website, and consider attending one of our future conferences.

I am also pleased to introduce the CCRE Commentary and Publications that present reasoned opinions and points of view about significant and timely issues relevant to the electricity sector.

The Council will continue to seek out opportunities to support non-partisan discussion on energy with participation from academia, public and private sectors, labour and the consumer. We welcome your comments and contribution to the energy debate.

CCRE Partners

Richard Ivey School of Business - The University of Western Ontario Power Workers' Union